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Level Term Life Insurance

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Level Term Life insurance

A level term policy as the name suggests is a life insurance policy that has a fixed amount payout and a fixed monthly payment for the term of the policy the term can be flexible anything from 5 to 30 years or more, it can be used to provide cover for interest only mortgages, a lump sum payout to beneficiaries of a will.


  • Provides certainty on payout amount and length of cover
  • Certainty that premiums will not rise for the whole term
  • Cheaper than whole of life cover
  • Critical illness cover can be added will payout on a critical or serious Illness
  • Can be written in joint names cheaper than separate policies
  • Policy can cover your mortgage and family’s future living expenses
  • Set cover to leave an additional lump sum for your family

Things to consider

  • Only pays out if you die during the policy term, you may outlive the policy
  • If you cancel your policy, there is no cash-in value
  • Inflation could mean the payout is worth less in ‘real terms’ in the future
  • Cover will end if you don’t make monthly payments

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